7 Billion people on Earth, 7 Senturions made – Be One in a Billion at Big Boys Toys 2016

Abu Dhabi, 19July, 2016: In an exclusive preview for the media earlier today, Big Boys Toys, the Middle East’s premier luxury, innovations and technology expo, confirmed the attendance of Senturion, the world leader in supercar synchronisation. Senturion allows supercar owners to control their vehicle using the luxury wrist-wear. It will be on display at the seventh edition of Big Boys Toys which will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from 23- 26 November, 2016
The British company will bring the exclusive Elite Supercar Key which is the world’s first and only luxury wrist-wear of its kind. The statement piece can be synchronized with some of the most exclusive supercar brands including Ferraris and Lamborghinis
Only 7 editions of each model are produced and every bracelet is studded with over 200 diamonds fused with rose gold and platinum. The wrist-wear is also customized as per the needs of the user making it truly unique. Limited Editions are put together using raw materials aged over 5 billion years. Each Limited edition key is made of genuine meteorite and is the perfect addition for collectors. The meteorite wrist key also has the ability to power the engine once synced.
Biju Jayaraaj, Chief Executive Officer of Artaaj (the organizers of BBT) stated: “We are thrilled to bring the Senturion experience to the UAE especially since we are on the look-out for highly innovative technological products to bring to our show and Senturion fits the bill perfectly. ”

Ayla Varquin , Director of Communications of Senturion stated: “As Senturion has generated great interest from the Middle East we have decided that BBT 2016 would be the best way to bring our new and extremely limited edition collection to high net worth clients, following the success Senturion has had with luxury shows in Europe. We anticipate BBT will bring the right audience to us, who are interested in the product.”

For more information, please contact info@bigboystoysuae.com

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